Replacement Ropes

2-point & 4-point installation methods include stainless steel rings attached to rope and stainless steel quick links. The quick link will attach to your already existed eyebolts.
Standard Rope is Natural Manila which is woven from natural fibers, it performs best if it remains dry. Consider one of the Synthetic Rope options if your swing will be in wet or very humid conditions.

We offer 2 types of rope to choose from for hanging your Nostalgic Porch Swing. Natural Manila rope is the standard rope offered with Nostalgic Porch Swings. It is made out of natural fiber and is a popular rope choice because it has low stretch and is resistant to abrasion. This rope is approved for outdoor use but performs best under covered porches. However, natural manila rope will weather overtime and may darken in color after exposure to moisture.

Synthetic Manila is a polypropylene rope made to resemble natural manila rope. We offer synthetic manila rope in tan (which looks the most like natural manila rope), black, or white. This is the perfect alternative rope for applications in very humid climates or areas that will get wet. Synthetic Manila has a clean, attractive appearance, and is smoother to the touch than natural manila. This rope is approved for outdoor use.

Available in both the 2-pt and 4-pt swing hanging methods.